M300 OS Version 1.7.0 - Release Notes

  • Enabled support for the Vuzix Smart Glasses Companion App which runs on most Android and iOS smart phones.
  • Solved an issue that could prevent the device from shutting down automatically once power is removed, occasionally resulting in a completely dead battery after storage.
  • Allows the WebView to be manually updated to allow compatibility to applications requiring this.
  • Supports Vuzix Barcode SDK version 1.5.
  • Supports Vuzix Speech SDK version 1.5.
  • Updated the MicroG libraries to revision These allow compatibility to Google location service and firebase messaging.
  • Updated the End-User Software License Agreement stored on-device. The updated text of the agreement can be found on https://www.vuzix.com/support/EULA
  • Applied Android security patches to bring the device up to compliance as of the November 2019 bulletin.