M400 Version 1.1.2 available

  • Adds a system setting to disable the touchpad sensor.
  • Adds a system setting to use Bluetooth microphone for speech recognition.
  • Allows the device to wake from sleep using any button.
  • Updates chromium WebView to 79.0.3945.79.
  • Updates speech recognition wake words for French, German, and Spanish. Now supports “Bonjour Vuzix”, “Hallo Vuzix”, and “Hola Vuzix”. English, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese remain unchanged “Hello Vuzix”, ハロー、ビュージックス, and 你好小辐.
  • Allows APK applications to be installed by scanning QR codes of URL.
  • Reduces the flash illumination LED brightness.
  • Corrects touchpad up/down gestures when worn on the left eye.
  • Updates Android security patches to compliance with the October 2019 bulletin