Vuzix Blade® OS Version 2.5 - Release Notes

Audio and Speech Recognition

  • Added support for multiple wake words: "Hello Vuzix" and "Hello Blade”.
  • Speech Recognition engine now capable of being configured to respond to commands in Japanese.
  • Speech commands enabled to quickly retrieve installed virtual assistants.
    • “Hey Alexa" opens Amazon Alexa if available.
    • "Hey Google" gets Google Assistant if available.
    • “Get Assistant" can be configured to the preferred installed assistant.
  • Documentation and sample applications on how to leverage the Vuzix Speech Recognition SDK now available on the Blade Developer Blade Developer Center.

Camera App

  • Blade will automatically start new recording and save old recording when the 4GB file size limit is reached.


  • Improved aspect ratio for applications leveraging full screen video playback.
  • Blade now supports LocationManager.GPS_PROVIDER.
  • Resolved minor issues with location services settings.


  • Applied security patches to bring the Blade OS up to compliance as of the July 2019 bulletin. For more information on these security bulletins, refer to the official Android Security Bulletin page here.
  • Updated EULA/terms of use.