Vuzix Remote Assist Version 2.3.3 - Release Notes

Glasses What's New

  • New features, bug fixes and performance improvements for a better experience:
  • Unified user type. This allows users to log in with their credentials on any of the supported platforms (dashboard, mobile, glasses).
  • Improved reconnection rate for dropped calls caused by Wi-Fi roaming or disconnecting
  • Concurrent login fixes. Users will now be notified if another person logs in to a device using their credentials.
  • Various UI bug fixes

Mobile What's New

  • Video calling. VRA Mobile now supports video calling, permitting users to log in using VRA credentials and perform calls right from their mobile device.
  • Workflows. Workflows enable users to follow quick step-by-step instructions in order to complete simple tasks.
  • Anonymous caller. This feature allows users to join a 24-hour temporary call room in which someone without VRA can connect without needing an account.
  • Gallery support. Capture, save, and view pictures taken during call sessions within the mobile app.
  • Glasses QR Login. Generate a login QR code from within the app that can be scanned by a smart glasses device in order to log in.