Vuzix Remote Assist Version 2.5 - Release Notes

What's New for VRA Glasses(Version 2.5):

  • Offline workflow
  • Various minor bug fixes and improved stability
  • New flashlight feature during call
  • If the quality is not HD, taking a snapshot will switch to HD for a better quality
  • Added Speech recognition for English language
  • Workflow now support Japanese characters.
  • Ability to call users from workflows

What’s New for VRA Portal(Version 2.1):

  • HD snapshot improvments
  • Various minor bugs fixing
  • Workflow improvements
  • Groups improvements
  • New Billing System implementation

What's New for VRA Mobile Android and iOS(Version 2.4):

  • VRA Mobile now avaible for iOS. Find it on the Apple App Store
  • Offline workflow
  • Various minor bug fixes and stability improvements.
  • Proximity sensor for audio during call (speaker on/off)
  • Creating an external call from mobile is now possible
  • Drawing on snapshot from mobile is now possible
  • Mobile to mobile calls are now starting with audio only
  • Added zoom on pictures from gallery
  • Workflow now support Japanese characters