2020 a Record Sales Year for Vuzix, AR Smart Glasses Industry

New normal spells new way to do business

2020 forced both small and large businesses to adapt. Physical distancing protocols disrupted most industries, forcing business owners to consider strategies they never have before.

Many forward-thinking management teams correctly assumed that Smart Glasses could fill the pandemic-sized gap.

By onboarding wearable display tech, these pioneers revolutionized the world of enterprise technology.

The results:

  • Major contractors in the defense, medical spaces and more experienced productivity boosts that were powered by Smart Glasses
  • Vuzix fourth-quarter sales increased by 117% year-over-year
  • Total annual sales grew by 74% over 2019

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Players in the following industries have benefited from hands-free AR in 2020:


Not only do Smart Glasses allow doctors to provide remote expertise, caregivers can now see patient info with a glance. Wearable display tech has done its part to protect healthcare workers and society’s most vulnerable throughout the developed world.


Technicians can receive high-res training from off-site experts. The intuitive process allows them to broadcast their first-person view to instructors. The field service world has been revolutionized as a result.


Staff are getting used to seamless interactions with order picking technology. There is no longer any need to take their eyes off inventory to monitor an RF gun or scanner.


Site auditors need only a drone and a pair of Smart Glasses to get the job done. The Vuzix M4000 recently allowed for a physically-distanced worksite inspection in Barcelona.

2020 was a record sales year for AR Smart Glasses. More importantly, the innovative technology protected forward-thinking players in several industries from financial hardship.
Image credit: LaptrinhX

Reasons for post-pandemic optimism

Yes, the world is slowly returning to normal.

Rest assured, that doesn’t mean business operations will return to the way they were in February 2020.

Major players in the enterprise space have been exposed to Smart Glasses. The innovation saves businesses time and money, offering a more intuitive communications and operations tool.

Here’s to an even more successful year for AR Smart Glasses as more people are positively affected by wearable display technology.

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