5G to Expand Smart Glass Capabilities

5G and Smart Glasses an Exciting Match

Less than two decades ago, you had to choose between a webpage and phone conversation. This fact is increasingly hard to believe with the imminent rise of 5G in the 2020s.

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Debuting in certain Chinese cities, as well as Minneapolis and Chicago, telecom’s 5th generation is set to revolutionize the global economy.

Expect exponentially faster download and upload speeds. Furthermore, expect extremely low latency, meaning real-time translation software will instantly translate that Chinese menu into English. Watch this video of the Blade providing instant translation.

5G will enable users to get instant on-screen real time translation with the Vuzix Blade the Zoi Meet App.
Credit: Next Realty News and Zoi Meet App

New Infrastructure, New Possibilities

The reason: powerful cameras and processors are needed to project virtual elements onto the real world. 5G will supercharge the software that enables this, meaning it’ll be easier than ever to turn your living room into a digitally interactive setting.

Evidently, the many benefits of 5G go beyond smartphones. Advanced capabilities mean online VR and AR games will explode in popularity. Smart glasses will allow users to seamlessly access these virtual worlds and will run programs at impressive rates.

Vuzix Smart Glasses are expected to thrive on 5G. Credit: Sarah Tew – CNET

Vuzix and 5G

Already, the technology underlying Vuzix smart glasses improves at a steady pace.

However, a 5G connection will allow devices like the Vuzix Blade to leverage the power of edge computing to render information up to 20 times faster than it currently does – with very little lag.

The implications are tantalizing. Aforementioned real-time translation software means your glasses can instantly translate street signs while navigating rural Thailand. Moreover, navigating from A to B will no longer require a smartphone, as smart glasses could potentially project directions into a user’s lens. What's more, any pictures you take will instantly be uploaded into the cloud for processing and returned to your glasses for viewing.

The marriage of smart glasses and 5G is an exciting prospect. The technology behind smart glasses is set to benefit from telecom’s 5th generation.

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