A New Benchmark for Wearable Display Tech: Vuzix Added to Russell 3000, 2000 Indexes

A promising development for Vuzix, Smart Glasses technology

Vuzix is officially among the largest publicly-traded US enterprises. Now included in both the Russell 2000 and 3000 indexes, the global Smart Glasses developer and manufacturer has joined elite company.

While the Russell 2000 Index doesn’t invest in large companies, earning membership is a big moment for smaller US stocks. Also known as Russell 2K, it features two-thirds of the 3,000 largest companies in the US.

The Russell 3000 Index tracks the performance of the country’s (you guessed it) 3,000 largest stocks.

Vuzix will now affect the value of ETFs that track the success of both indexes.

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Widely-considered a leader in wearable display tech, Vuzix has been listed among the largest publicly-traded US companies after making the Russell 2000 & 3000 indexes.

Setting - and surpassing - the benchmark

Across the US, Russell indexes are relied upon by investment managers and institutional investors to inform their decisions.

Vuzix is proud to be counted among the country’s most important enterprises.

That being said, the company’s work is nowhere near complete. Look for Vuzix Smart Glasses to become more commonplace on job sites over the next few years.

After that, it won’t take long for them to complement and replace your smartphone.

See the full press release here.

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