A Night at the Movies – Made Better with Smart Glasses

Smart glasses could one day enhance the theater going experience

There’s nothing quite like a night at the cinema. Be it with old friends, the family, or on a first date, the smell of popcorn and the pre-movie excitement is a universal joy

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Much like the innovation of 3D glasses, smart glasses could change life at the movies.

However, the theater experience can be improved. Much like how James Cameron revolutionized the industry with 3D glasses during the record-setting run of 2009’s Avatar, smart glasses have the potential to enhance the way we take in Hollywood’s latest.

Augmented reality atmosphere

For starters, the way we get our drinks and snacks hasn’t changed much over the last 50 years. Those of us who show up a tad late to their 7pm screening don’t have the time to sort out the best concession deals – or how to avoid the endless upsells

With smart glasses, wearers could look at a product and have the price appear above it. Say goodbye to being caught off guard with an additional dollar for butter.

Then, there’s the often gargantuan task of finding your seat. Whether you’ve walked into the theater during a cave scene or the coming attractions, smart glasses could guide you.

Smart glasses like the Vuzix Blade can improve many aspects of everyday life. Credit: Next Reality

On-the-go IMDB

Not only could the lenses automatically light up your view of the auditorium, they could highlight your seat. This tech breakthrough would force that awkward ‘wave in the dark to your tardy friend’ into extinction.

Lastly, all of your most pressing movie questions could be answered in real-time. Can’t recall where you’ve seen that actor before? Your lenses could broadcast their filmography – for your eyes only.

Obviously, we’ve just scratched the surface of how smart glasses could change life at the movies. Regardless of how quickly this happens, everyone will be grateful for an innovation that eliminates the need to look at our (very) bright phones while the picture rolls.

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