AI-Powered Face Recognition on the Vuzix Blade

In the age of disruption, all industries are affected. Evidently, the security space is no different, as a breakthrough in smart glass technology debuts. Today, AI-powered face recognition software is tested and deployed on the Vuzix Blade.

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Teaming with Dubai-based software developer NNTC, Vuzix works to make iFalcon Face Control™ Mobile usable on AR smart glasses.

This technology is set to make the lives of security professionals easier. The NNTC solution has already been deployed in several security operations in the UAE.

Vuzix and NNTC combine to improve security operations

Making Venues Safer

Essentially, this development makes a portable computer immediately available to security personnel.

With the Vuzix Blade, which is virtually indistinguishable from regular glasses, wearers can immediately scan the faces of suspicious individuals. Ultimately, the software processes and compares face images that are compiled in a database.

If a match is found, the smart glasses send an alert to the wearer.

The technology underlying the Vuzix Blade steadily improves

Leveraging Technology to Save Lives

The entire process is wireless and discrete. An entire crowd can be scanned in a short period of time.

15 faces can be scanned in less than 1 second. Evidently, the technology works quickly to guarantee the safety of event attendees, commuters or building occupants. View a short demo video here.

Vuzix CEO Paul Travers applauded the technology, saving "The overall design and see-through waveguide optics of the Vuzix Blade are critical must-have features for security operations deployments. We’re excited to see this...move rapidly from proof of concept to deployment within security operations."

You can see the full press release here.

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