AI-Powered Troubleshooting for Field Service Techs on Vuzix Smart Glasses

Vuzix & TechSee unveil breakthrough tech

Field service technicians love Vuzix Smart Glasses. Not only do they allow new technicians to receive contact-free training from anywhere, wearable displays let them loop in remote experts to handle complex jobs.

Now, they can add automatic troubleshooting to the list.

By combining the power of AR (augmented reality) and computer vision, Vuzix users can employ TechSee’s AI-powered software to make diagnosing issues much easier.

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What the Vuzix - TechSee partnership means:

AR-based guidance

Simply strap on a pair of Vuzix M400 or M4000 Smart Glasses and a remote expert can walk technicians through repairs, one step at a time.

Automatic diagnostics

Off-site experts aren’t always required. AI can detect technical problems with 98% accuracy. This innovation could cut labor in half across a wide variety of disciplines.

Automation supreme

AI can also guide technicians through resolution procedures. Simply input model numbers and steps are broadcast directly into a device’s display.

TechSee’s technology can automatically diagnose issues for field service technicians.
Image credit: AuThority

AI and Smart Glasses

Countless industries are set to be affected by this technology, among them:

  • Field service
  • Manufacturing
  • Consumer electronics

This partnership envisions a future where technicians can fix any issue by putting on a pair of Smart Glasses and letting artificial intelligence walk them through it.

Yes, just like Tony Stark and Jarvis in The Avengers.

Until then, expect your mechanic to rely on a little help from AI and Smart Glasses in the near future.

Read the full press release here.

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