Amazon Alexa for Smart Glasses on the Vuzix Blade

Voice Tech and AR Combine with Amazon Alexa for Smart Glasses

When smart speakers first hit the market, there was much skepticism. Consumers questioned whether the technology was ready. After all, voice technology that doesn’t capture the many nuances of human speech isn’t helpful. Nevertheless, Google Home and Amazon Alexa enjoy impressive sales numbers because consumers love using them. Now, the technology is about to go mobile with Amazon Alexa for smart glasses.

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Specifically, Amazon Alexa for smart glasses is available on the Vuzix Blade. Users can access Amazon Alexa using Vuzix AR smart glasses.

Users can do anything that can be done with an Amazon Echo. However, all the features can be accessed while mobile. You can check the score, get weather updates or check home security feeds while out for a walk. Additionally, data can be stored in the cloud without the need to lift a finger.

Amazon Alexa for Smart Glasses Gives Users Mobile Access to their Assistants

An Essential Assistant That’s Always There

Ultimately, it’s like walking around with a smart speaker. You’re Tony Stark, and your smart glasses contain Jarvis.

Obviously, the implications are massive. Currently, the AI industry is in a state of massive growth. The world’s largest companies - regardless of industry - brace for AI integration. In particular, estimates suggest AI will save the healthcare industry over $150 billion.

Vuzix – Seeing The Unaugmented Reality with Vuzix CEO & President Paul Travers and the Blade. Courtesy: Seeking Alpha

Wearable smart glasses will play a major role in achieving this. Doctors will be able to access vital info hands-free. Eventually, conversations between Alexa and your surgeon could save lives. Firstly, they’ll reduce the number of staff needed in the operating room - making them available to other patients. This allows hospitals to save on staffing. Consequently, Amazon Alexa for smart glasses will increase healthcare funding.

The Vuzix Blade is designed to work with AI engines, in general. Alone, medical industry implications will be significant.

Vuzix Helps Usher in the Wearable AR Revolution

Innovations like this are symptomatic of the AR revolution. With Amazon Alexa for smart glasses represents another step toward leaving that smartphone in your pocket.

Many companies recognize this. As a result, many industries prepare for the transition from smartphones to smart glasses. This shift is expected to be the next major tech revolution. After all, Alexa smart speakers helped prove that consumers can incorporate voice assistants into their everyday lives.

Examples of Alexa on screen on a Vuzix Blade

In fact, many people are now thrown off when Googling with their fingers. It’s remarkable how quickly consumer behaviour changes in the age of innovation.

Amazon Alexa for smart glasses makes the assistant so easy to use and is available anywhere, anytime – just #AskAlexa. The Vuzix Blade helps facilitate this wave of change. Brace yourself.

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