Another Step Forward with Vuzix Blade OS Update 2.5 and 2.6

On August 8th and 20th, 2019, Vuzix Blade smart glasses underwent OS updates 2.5 and 2.6, respectively. This improvement offers a wide array of exciting features that allow users to their phones in their pockets with increased regularity. The full list of changes are below.

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Audio and Speech Recognition:

  • Turning on your Blade has never been easier - simply say “Hello Vuzix” or “Hello Blade” and voila! Expect more ‘wake words’ in future updates.
  • The Blade now recognizes Japanese voice commands. Ekisaitingu!

Amazon Alexa can now be woken with voice commands

New Speech Commands:

  • “Hey Alexa” opens Amazon Alexa if the app is downloaded.
  • “Hey Google” does the same with Google Assistant.
  • “Get Assistant” directs users to their installed virtual assistant of choice, if more than one has been downloaded.

Camera App Advances:

  • Now, users can automatically start a new recording - even after the 4GB file size is reached.

The Blade and it’s smartphone companion app are increasingly sophisticated and easy-to-use . Credit: Wearable Technologies

System Modifications

  • Prepare for improved aspect ratio on apps that use full screen video playback.
  • The Blade now supports LocationManager.GPS.PRC.
  • Several minor location services issues have been resolved.

More from Update 2.6

  • Webview has been updated to version 76.
  • YouTube video playback is now supported in browsers available on the Vuzix app store.
  • A speech SDK update now allows developers to add their own Speech Recognition trigger words.
  • An option has been added to turn off sleep in the display timeout settings.

Additionally, security patches were applied in keeping with the latest Android Bulletin.

Further Questions?

Please refer to the Blade OS 2.6 update and Blade OS 2.5 update on our website.

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