AR Smart Glasses for Live Theater

Vuzix Explores Closed Captioning Technology on Vuzix Smart Glasses

To say it’s important for entertainment venues to provide closed captioning services would be an understatement. After all, performance is ineffective if it isn’t inclusive. If even a small percentage of the audience can’t access a story’s message, the work’s chances of making an impact diminishes.

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The Vuzix team is aware and recently coordinated with MAGIC Spell Studios in Rochester, New York on a project that could make theater more accessible to the masses.

The goal was simple: develop closed captioning software on smart glasses. Imagine turning on the subtitles at a live performance. The live stage could become your personal streaming service.

Vuzix worked with MAGIC Spell Studios to create a closed captioning prototype on the Vuzix Blade

Closed Captioning on Multiple Devices

In a successful test run of the technology, both the Vuzix Blade and M300XL smart glasses allowed audience members to ‘read’ along with a live play.

The test audience spoke positively about how the technology impacted their viewing experience.

Coupled with the upward trajectory of AR capabilities, this bodes well for smart glass tech and its fans. Soon, wearable AR could replace smartphone apps as theatergoers’ CC device of choice.

The Vuzix Blade’s capabilities keep expanding

Scratching the Surface of Smart Glass Potential

Projects like this go a long way toward developing wearable AR technology. Evidently, smart glasses prove effective in settings where pioneers embrace innovation.

Until recently, Vuzix’ success has primarily stemmed from the professional realm. Both warehouse professionals and technicians are learning to leverage smart glass technology for productivity and training purposes.

It’s obvious that more industries and consumers could benefit from the technology. Consequently, the world of theater is among them.

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