AR Smart Glasses the Next Step in Smartphone Tech

AR Smart Glasses Offers Hands-Free Smartphone Access

The past 30 years have been dominated by technological innovation. Firstly, the advent of the desktop computer changed workstations forever. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and others started a personal computing revolution that hasn’t loosened its grasp. Secondly, more powerful computers emerged – this time, fitting in the palm of one’s hand. Now, the smartphone’s dominance is set to be replaced by AR smart glasses.

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However, smartphone and smart glass technology will complement one another.

In 2014 smart glasses were touted as the next big thing in tech. Unfortunately, they never caught on with consumers. These early devices over promised and under delivered. Moreover, they looked odd. Being seen wearing a pair was a brave fashion choice.

Google Glass in 2014 (Photo Credit: Newsy)

However, this failure was also due to the fact that the glasses were ahead of their time. After all, consumers were only just beginning to fully understand the growing capabilities of their smartphones.

Smartphone UI Preparing for AR Eyewear Shift

Furthermore, in 2014 many of the world’s most disruptive apps hadn’t surfaced. Uber was in its infancy. Similarly, Spotify was only just beginning to change the music industry.

Additionally, social media platforms had only just started going beyond status updates and cat videos. For example, Facebook hadn’t yet fully leveraged its fresh purchase of Instagram. Similarly, the software behind customized news feeds was still in its infancy.

Today, everything from Google Maps to the latest dating app is customized to meet individual needs. These apps are starting to take advantage of Apple’s AR Kit and Google’s AR Core to connect their content to the real world. Augmented reality smart glasses are next in line to benefit from these technological leaps.

Vuzix’s Role in the Future of AR Smart Glasses

Today, the digital world benefits almost every facet of society. Moreover, smartphones have accelerated the speed and efficiency of communication tech. Now, the next evolutionary step will literally unfold right before our eyes.

The Vuzix Blade in 2019

AR smart glasses are beginning to offer users the benefits of modern communications tech without the need to physically use their phone. In many cases, this technology allows the digital world to blend seamlessly with the real.

While this sounds like science fiction, Vuzix AR Smart Glasses project a revolutionary visual experience across the user’s eyes.

The next generation smartphone is on its way: no hands required.

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