Architects to Increase Efficiency, Save Time with Smart Glasses

Designing AR perfection

Architects design our world with immaculate precision. Indeed, each and every structure on earth is the brainchild of a focused, disciplined planner. One millimeter could mean the difference between landing a lucrative project or waiting tables until the next opportunity arises.

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An architect needs both a creative aptitude and a thorough grasp of technical design aspects. As a result, the field is a teeming hub of innovation.

Architects have begun to use AR to make their jobs easier. Credit: AR Pandora

Smart glasses, smarter designs

Such innovation isn’t limited to finished products. Yes, new technologies have resulted in increasingly complex and impressive architectural models. However, new tech also allows architects to perform tasks with increased precision and efficiency.

In the near future, smart glasses will allow designers to realize their creations via interactive, virtual images. Using augmented reality, blueprints, building plans and schematics can become 3D holograms, only visible through smart glass lenses.

Smart glasses could eventually become an architect’s tool-of-choice. Credit: Redshift by Autodesk

The list of benefits is endless. Architects can visually test different building components on the fly.

Eventually, smart glasses will become a must in the world of structural design.