Are Smart Glasses the Future of Webcam Tech?

Vicarious experiences abound

Most people whip out their phones to capture noteworthy events. By the decade’s end, it’s unlikely hands will be involved in the process at all.

Vuzix Smart Glasses are equipped with HD cameras. Like sleek GoPro’s that allow wearers to blend in, viral videos of the future could be captured under much more seamless circumstances.

Voice-controlled and hands-free, Vuzix users can already stream their first-person view to anyone using voice controls.

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However, the growth of Smart Glasses technology takes place beyond the average person’s view. While most consumers aren’t acquainted with wearable display, major players in several industries use augmented reality (AR) devices to navigate the ongoing pandemic.

As a result, webcams on Smart Glasses grow popular in the following settings:

Operating rooms

Specialists in any field can walk medical pros through countless procedures - from anywhere. This innovation eliminates the need to ‘fly in the experts,’ slashing hospital travel expenses (not to mention their carbon footprint).


Social distancing protocols have rocked the education industry. To navigate the crisis, technicians and dentists in-training rely on remote lessons to sharpen their skills.

Private property

Security guards can now see what’s around the corner before they turn it. Vuzix M-Series Smart Glasses connect to most any surveillance system, allowing users to summon the view of whichever camera they choose.

The slopes

Imagine having a heads-up display on the mountain. Skiers can track their speed with Ulysse Speedometer.

Could glasses like Vuzix’ Next Gen Smart Glasses represent the future of mobile webcams?

The ‘hands-free’ decade

These breakthroughs beg more than a few questions.

Among them:

For now, Vuzix Smart Glasses continue to save business partners time and resources. Teams are made more effective - and kept safe - thanks to the devices’ cameras.

When webcams were invented in 1991, they allowed anyone to broadcast their life.

Now, Smart Glasses offer us seamless access to them.

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