Asian Telecom Giant Leans on Vuzix Smart Glasses

Providing Wearable Display Tech to Global Audience

KDDI is one of the largest telecom providers in Asia. It’s decision to partner with Vuzix is monumental for several reasons.

  1. It means telecom technicians will increasingly rely on Vuzix Smart Glasses for everything they do. In particular, they’ll make training new team members much easier.
  2. The partnership means more consumers and business will be exposed to augmented reality (AR) & wearable display tech.
  3. As 5G expands throughout the continent, Vuzix Smart Glasses will be at the forefront of the network’s growth. It’ll help that technicians will use wearable computing devices while installing 5G infrastructure.

As part of the deal, KDDI branches in 17 major Asian cities will resell Vuzix Smart Glasses to consumers and business owners.

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Propelled by the 2020 pandemic, global Smart Glasses adoption has sped up. Although consumers don’t regularly use the devices yet, countless businesses have.

Those that have integrated Vuzix devices into their operations benefit greatly.

Asian Telecom Giant KDDI will now support customers using Vuzix Smart Glasses, like the Vuzix Blade (pictured)
Image credit: TechRadar

AR Powers 5G Installation

This isn’t the first time a telecom company has partnered with Vuzix. SpringCity Australia increased its output by 40% after equipping their staff with M400 Smart Glasses.

It’s possible that most technicians globally will perform the following tasks using wearable display tech:

  • Network infrastructure installation
  • Remote-work support system maintenance
  • Residential and commercial internet service provider ops

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