Augmented Reality Smart Glasses are the Future

Augmented Reality Smart Glasses are Expected to Replace Smartphones for Many Users

You’ve most likely heard the term AR. Regardless, it’s likely you’ve been exposed to it. In 2016, Pokemon Go captivated the world. Consequently, the popular app was the first mainstream platform to showcase AR. Now, that same technology is set to usher in a new era for digital tech. Soon, augmented reality smart glasses will change the way we see the world.

Ultimately, these glasses will offer a hands-free alternative to your phone. Indeed, this will take time. However, things tend to move at a rapid pace in the digital era.

At Vuzix, our mission is to make wearable augmented reality glasses as common as sunglasses.

Everything you need will soon be right in front of you

An Industry on the Rise

How long will it take, you ask? We’re confident the technology will become mainstream much quicker than most people think as we are building this future right here at Vuzix. Moreover, we’re taking steps to speed up the process.

Vuzix has already brought a number of wearable smart glasses to market. However, most of the success we’ve enjoyed has come from the world of enterprise. Businesses are saving time and money using our glasses in the warehouse to “pick” products or to train new employees on production processes or even for remote support - among many other exciting applications.

Nevertheless, our journey has only just started. To truly usher in this revolution, we would like you to join the cause. Beginning today, we’re opening this new blog to share what’s going on and allow you to get involved.

Our articles will focus on a number of issues. Everything from software to hardware - and everything in between - will be discussed. Those who already use our smart glasses will be encouraged to speak up and tell us how they can be enhanced. We want this feedback to perfect them - to make them so intuitive you forget your wearing them.

Manipulate 3D projects like Tony Stark (Image Above: Iron Man, 2008, Marvel Studios)

Vuzix Engages a Community of AR Users

However, you don’t need to own wearable smart glasses to take part. Indeed, owning a pair offers great insight. Nevertheless, we’re interested in how you think this technology can be used.

That’s right, we’re inviting your wildest dreams to surface. You’ve seen Tony Stark playing with 3D objects on-screen - our glasses will soon be able to make that happen and in a form factor that won’t make you look like you just stepped of the Starship Enterprise. We would love your input along the way!

We want you to like, follow, subscribe, and comment on anything and everything you find interesting. Your input has the potential to accelerate how quickly smart glasses become a staple of modern life.