Augmented Weather on Vuzix Smart Glasses

Always be prepared with augmented weather info for AR smart glasses

Most people forget to check the forecast before bed. Unfortunately, the results can be disastrous. Sudden rain can ruin a new suit. Snow can seriously hurt your chances of making it to the office on time. Hail can cut your walk in the park short. As a result, knowing the weather plays a major role in our lives.

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Evidently, the weather is unpredictable. Even forecasters are known to miscalculate the forces of mother nature. Nevertheless, weather conditions dictate much of our daily lives. After all, plans can change in the morning after taking a look out your window.

However, smartphones help. They play a larger role than ever in helping us navigate the pitfalls of bad weather. Consequently, smart speakers do the same. Simply asking Google Home or Alexa for tomorrow’s forecast saves time and trouble. Now, hands-free on the go augmented weather information is available on the Vuzix Blade AR smart glasses.

AccuWeather 3D on the Vuzix Blade
Credit: Geospatial World

The Future of Forecasting

Digital technology makes info easier to access. Every innovation from LTE radios to wifi puts consumers ‘in the know’ at unprecedented speed.

Today, more consumers than ever rely on smart devices for weather updates. Today, Vuzix Blade wearable smart glasses provide a new way to consume digital information in the real world.

With your Vuzix Blade, weather change notifications can be viewed without the need to look down. Current conditions are broadcasted to the heads-up display in front of your eyes based on your GPS locatIon.

Consequently, you’ll be able to cut that walk in the park short before it’s too late.

Wearable Smart Glasses Provide Info Hands-Free
Credit: Digital Trends

Vuzix an AR Smart Glasses Pioneer

Additionally, a simple touchpad swipe or voice command allows users to check the week’s forecast. The 3D info is displayed in a non-intrusive way, allowing you to remain focused on the task at hand.

Augmented weather is just one example of how smart glasses will improve our lives. Moreover, voice technology will allow us to access our phone’s features hands-free. Currently, a beta version of Amazon Alexa is available on the Vuzix Blade and can be accessed using voice commands or by simply holding 3 fingers on the touchpad.

The implications are massive. Not sure where to eat lunch? Apps like Yelp for smart glasses broadcast a restaurant’s store hours, rating, and food images in 3D as you walk down the street. The app hones in on the user’s GPS location within 1/5 of a mile.

Vuzix strives to make this technology available to all consumers. Augmented weather is but one of countless smartglass features that will make life easier.

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