Autocross and Vuzix Smart Glasses: Go Faster

The ultimate performance measurement tool

Autocross is all about speed and precision. Courses change with every event, so drivers have limited chances to improve their best time. Instant analysis can help. Our very own Tyler Porter records each of his runs using the Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses for this reason.

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The Vuzix Blade can record your POV while driving. They offer a more accurate and memorable view than any other action camera.

By importing the Vuzix Blade’s footage into applications like Solostorm, Tyler overlays vital data. This includes:

  • GPS
  • Acceleration data
  • Time comparisons to previous runs
  • Time comparisons to competitors
  • CANbus input data from the car itself (in this case, a 2019 Camaro SS 1LE)

With Smart Glasses, all the info a driver needs is readily available

Invaluable analysis

You can see the entire video below, which took place at an event run by the Finger Lakes region of the Sports Car Club of America.

You can even hear Tyler’s heavy breathing in response to the G-force.

Vuzix’ Tyler Porter shows us his skill behind the wheel

Performance measurement and Smart Glasses

Maybe the next autocross phenom will owe their success to Smart Glasses.

This technology has applications in the broader autocross world - and beyond.

Consider how Smart Glasses could impact athletes:

  1. An Olympic or recreational swimmer can instantly assess their last lap - Smart Swim now available in the Vuzix App Store
  2. A basketball or hockey player could get hands-free, on-the-fly access to strategy changes from their coach
  3. NFL quarterbacks could broadcast plays into teammates helmets

By harnessing augmented reality (AR), Smart Glasses could redefine competition.

See Vuzix’ line of AR Smart Glasses

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Edited by Tyler Porter