Automotive AR to Make Mechanics Quicker, More Efficient

Lightning Fast Installs, Repairs with Automotive AR

Mechanics have long benefited from advances in technology. Indeed, many believe cars to be the most important 20th century development. There is plenty of proof to support this. Evidently, most people’s lives come to a screeching halt when their automobile breaks down. Meanwhile, a new tech advance is set to accelerate how quickly your car gets fixed: automotive AR.

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Having a friend who ‘gets’ cars is great. Evidently, such a friendship could save you thousands in auto bills. Nevertheless, most of us don’t have the luxury of a friendly neighbor’s help. Consequently, we must rely on mechanics to treat our cars – and our wallets – with care.

Furthermore, we must trust they know what they’re doing. After all, their services are only required because the average person doesn’t have the knowledge to make repairs themselves.

Soon, mechanics will heavily rely on smart glasses

Installing the Right Way, No Matter the Country Of Origin

Therefore, giving mechanics everything they need to perform their difficult job is crucial. However, the equipment isn’t cheap.

Moreover, manufacturers design and build their models in particular ways. A Volkswagen’s engine shares little in common with a Ford’s. These differences are obvious in foreign cars. Regrettably, your local mechanic may not have the knowledge or budget to replace your VW’s transmission.

However, smart glass technology will help change this familiar narrative. With automotive AR smart glasses, your mechanic could receive live training from a Volkswagen rep.

Automotive AR on the Vuzix Blade will Change the Industry

Credit: Wearable
Vuzix AR Tech in the Garage

The process would be simple. The AR glasses would broadcast your mechanic’s feed to the rep. Meanwhile, a non-intrusive live feed of the rep would appear in your mechanic’s glasses. As a result, the rep could quickly identify the problem.

Additionally, the rep could use animations to highlight specific parts. There are several apps supported on the Vuzix Blade that offer such capabilities, including GemVision and RemoteEye. These can provide real-time guidance to technicians in multiple industries.

Innovations like this are set to revolutionize how work is done. Most importantly, Vuzix smart glasses are set to make professionals quicker, safer, and more efficient.

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