Barcotec-Vuzix Partnership a Win for European Businesses

Agreement enhances European distribution of Vuzix® Smart Glasses

Headquartered in Rochester, New York, Vuzix is a global leader in wearable display technology for enterprise.

Headquartered in Salzburg, Austria, Barcotec is a global leader in the distribution of technologies that help businesses automate processes to operate more efficiently. In turn, this benefits their bottom-line.

Needless to say, the Barcotec-Vuzix partnership is a no-brainer:

  • Vuzix develops and manufactures hands-free smart glasses
  • Barcotec helps agile and innovative businesses equip themselves with the revolutionary technology

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Barcotec is perfectly equipped to help the in-flux of business owners in manufacturing, healthcare, remote work and other industries that are onboarding Vuzix smart glasses.

Even before the ‘New Normal’ took the business world by storm, firms both large and small were reporting the benefits of equipping their teams with wearable displays. As the pandemic has become endemic, smart glasses have become a staple of warehouses, operating rooms, and even boardrooms throughout the developed world.

Barcotec Vuzix Smart Glasses

By partnering with Barcotec, Vuzix has gained a competitive advantage in the European market. Barcotec is uniquely positioned to enhance distribution efforts to businesses across the continent, helping clients integrate the hands-free technology into their operations.

A competitive advantage in the age of gridlocks and social distancing

It’s no secret that the global supply chain is on life support. As they should be, transportation leaders look to technology for a solution to rampant shipping delays.

Meanwhile, the past two years have forever changed the nature of in-person communication. Many businesses continue to suffer as lockdown protocols make operating at full capacity an impossibility.

Smart glasses offer a viable solution to both of these problems.

Armed with wearable displays, workers in countless fields have hands-free access to all the information they need to work faster and more efficiently.

Vuzix and Barcotec are primed to equip European businesses with the power of augmented and assisted reality. Europe: get ready for the hands-free age.

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