Businesses are Loving Smart Glasses. When will Consumers be Ready to Buy?

Could enterprise success lead to widespread adoption?

Over the past decade, businesses have started to experiment with Smart Glasses.

Their rationale: wearable display tech could make life easier for employees, making them more accurate and productive. In the end, they could save money for business owners in the long-term.

What started as experimentation has turned into full-fledged adoption. Businesses in the following sectors have witnessed both the financial and performance-based benefits of Smart Glasses:

These are just to name a few. Some big names have partnered with Vuzix over the past year, proving that hands-free augmented reality (AR) is no fad.

It’s the logical next step in society’s relationship with the digital world.

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While businesses onboard Smart Glasses into their operations in droves, they are yet to gain traction among everyday consumers.

Why is that?

To understand, let’s reminisce about the early days of personal computers (PCs) in the late 1970s...when businesses were the first to adopt the technology.

Could the dramatic increase in Smart Glasses being used in workplaces increase use among consumers?

It’s safe to say that Smart Glasses adoption is following the same path. Today, names like Verizon and CooperVision are the proud owners of Vuzix wearable display tech.

Will you be the first among your friends to take advantage of hands-free, voice-activated Smart Glasses?

Every day, the technology improves. First, it’ll complement your smartphone.

Not long after, it’ll replace it.

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