Businesses can Broadcast to the World with Vuzix Smart Glasses

Businesses can Broadcast to the World with Vuzix Smart Glasses


Update to Vuzix® Video Streamer means immediate hands-free video uploads

Operating a camera with your hand is officially old school. A new software update to Vuzix Video Streamer lets Vuzix users upload 4k videos to YouTube, Twitch and other streaming platforms on-the-fly.

In particular, business owners who’ve equipped their team with Vuzix Smart Glasses are set to benefit.

Why? Because Smart Glasses can give anyone access to a wearer’s first-person view. The business use cases are nearly endless and the app is poised to improve the inner-workings of companies from various industries.

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Examples of businesses benefiting from instant video uploads:


Experienced surgeons can document an entire procedure for their student’s benefit. Future MDs can instantly review step-by-step walkthroughs of even the most complex operations.

Night watch:

Security professionals can stream their view of an incident to managers and site owners. No more relying solely on CCTVs to gather evidence.

Warehouse perfection:

Newly-hired stock professionals can learn procedures by watching their manager’s first-person view. Supervisors can even locate misplaced inventory by toggling through their employees' feeds.

Technical excellence:

Technicians working in the field can upload a repair for future reference. They can even document the location of hard-to-find terminals. Most importantly, experienced technicians can provide trainees step-by-step walkthroughs without sacrificing their time in the classroom.

The latest update to Vuzix Video Streamer allows professionals to immediately upload videos to streaming platforms including YouTube, Twitch, and Open Broadcasting Software (OBS).

Crystal-clear streams for entrepreneurs and business operators

The app supports both RTSP and RTMP, meaning there are no streaming limitations.

This update represents another step toward making it easier for business owners to share their view of the world using Vuzix Smart Glasses. Enabling your workforce to operate hands free is a wise investment, forging sustainable growth and reducing downtime.

Check out a full rundown of the app’s features here.

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