Businesses Identify Vuzix Smart Glasses as a Solution to Supply Chain Problems

Wearable display technology could improve shipping and delivery infrastructure

Supply chains are scrambling to overcome a series of challenges that have persisted since March 2020. Yet, the holiday season is unlikely to show the global infrastructure any mercy.

Global shipping and delivery faces several unprecedented obstacles:

A good start to solving global supply chain issues is equipping shipping pros with Vuzix smart glasses.

These issues are just the tip of the overextended iceberg. Not surprisingly, the world’s port authorities and shipping leaders are looking for solutions. Many have found it in a technology on the rise: smart glasses.

Hands-free, wearable displays leverage the power of AR (augmented and assisted reality) and have emerged as a cost-effective solution to supply chain strain.

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They have the power to make life much easier for supply chain workers, truck drivers, and everyone else involved in getting products from A to B.

How VuzixSmart Glasses can clear supply chain gridlock:

  • Next-gen teleconferencing: Shippers can share their first-person view with supervisors and other team members. Voice-activated and user-friendly, Vuzix Smart Glasses offer a wide range of leading teleconferencing apps, including Zoom, Skype, and Webex. Workers no longer have to stop what they’re doing to speak with teammates, as video streams appear non-intrusively in their field of vision.
  • Inventory mastery: Hand scanners are about to become extinct. Many warehouse workers are already using Vuzix devices to instantly scan barcodes, greatly reducing the time it takes to process orders. Shipping workers can use this feature to cut shipment processing times in half.
  • Top-notch training: A shortage of shipping pros means that industry newbies are expected to hit the ground running. Smart glasses allow trainers to seamlessly get new employees up to speed. In fact, wearable displays offer the next best thing to having a manager over a trainee’s shoulder, guiding them as they learn.

  • The hands-free era in shipping and delivery infrastructure

    It takes a great deal of time to process massive shipments that arrive at the world’s ports.

    With more people purchasing things online than ever before, increased strain forces the shipping industry to search for new ways to keep things running smoothly.

    Smart glasses can be part of the solution. They’ve already been proven to increase worker efficiency in warehouses, hospitals, and telecom, among other spaces.

    Learn more about how smart glasses can save business time and money here.

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