Caregivers Receive Patient Info Immediately on Vuzix Smart Glasses

Hands-free tech that could save lives

A nurse must always begin his or her shift with a rundown of each patient in their care. The outgoing nurse provides the update, a process commanding both parties' attention for some time.

What if this process could be improved?

This challenge has been undertaken through a collaboration between KDDI Research and Vuzix.

The solution: broadcast patient info on the displays of hands-free Smart Glasses.

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Experiments were conducted at Zenkokai nursing homes in Japan. The result: caregivers had more time for patients than ever before.

The wearable display tech offers nursing homes several benefits:

More time

Caregivers can update patient records on-the-fly using voice commands or a track pad on the Smart Glasses frame. With no awkward clipboards, there’s more time to assist residents.

Instant care updates

Japan has a rapidly aging population, presenting a challenge to the healthcare system. The combination of facial recognition and speech synthesis tech means caregivers are immediately aware of their patient’s condition.

Hands-free help

With no need to hold pens, a practitioner’s hands are free to perform life-saving work.

Caregivers can immediately receive detailed patient info with Vuzix Smart Glasses. This saves both practitioners and patients time and resources.
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The future of healthcare is hands-free

COVID-19 made a challenging situation even worse in Japan. With over 28 percent of the population over 65, healthcare administrations turned to technology for a solution.

“This smart nursing care support yet another example of how using Smart Glasses can make a real difference in people’s lives.”
Paul Travers, President & CEO, Vuzix

Vuzix’ work with KDDI Research could increase efficiency among healthcare workers all over the world. The wearable display tech could make it easier for caregivers and nurses to care for larger numbers of patients.

Smart Glasses are already saving companies in industries like warehousing and engineering a great deal of time and money. The technology is even being used to safely train those handling coronavirus vaccines.

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