Classic Game FreedoomAR Available on Vuzix Blade

Explore FreedoomAR on your smart glasses

The video game industry moves at a rapid pace. Yet, classic titles have a way of sticking around, regardless of how advanced top-of-the-line consoles have become. The FreedoomAR project is a testament to this.

READ: Download and play FreedoomAR on your Vuzix Blade

Originally released in 1993, Doom is considered a foundational title for the gaming industry. Taking on hordes of demons, players were treated to fast-paced, arcade fun. The first-person shooter was immensely popular in its prime, selling 100,000 copies in its first year.

As a result, hardcore fans launched the Freedoom project. The goal: create a completely free version of Doom. Now, it’s available for download on Vuzix Blade smart glasses.

FreedoomAR is now available on the Vuzix Blade

Redefining the first person shooter

FreedoomAR is three games in one. It includes two single player campaigns and one set of levels intended for multiplayer deathmatch.

You can control ‘Doom Guy’ in two ways:.

  • Using head movements! That’s right: FreedoomAR allows 360-degree play.

  • Using the Blade’s touch pad. Located on the right hinge, users scroll their demon-slaying avatar through wave after wave of enemies.

FreedoomAR’s appearance on the Blade is a big win for the smart glasses industry. Ultimately, the game pushes the limits of what can be done with the ever-evolving technology.

Played with smart glasses, the game features 2 modes

A generation of smart gamers

Increasingly, developers are working to expand the capabilities of smart glasses. You can expect more classic games to hit devices over the next few years.

Gaming could play a major role in the process. After all, the mobile game industry is worth over $150 billion.

Smart glasses could take augmented reality gaming to a new level. Titles like Pokemon Go prove there is an appetite for innovation.

Since smart glasses are expected to replace smartphones in the 2020s, the next generation of mobile gamers could ditch touchscreens for lenses. FreedoomAR represents an exciting step in this direction.

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