Concerts Like You’ve Never Seen Before with Smart Glasses

Smart glasses could revolutionize the concert going experience

Concerts are a great time. Evidently, unlike CDs and record players, they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. In 2018, the top 10 concerts globally raked in a combined $2.21 billion. This number represents a 12% increase over 2017.

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Obviously, the concert experience is hard to match. Fans get to witness talented, often world-renowned acts in the flesh with thousands of like-minded individuals.

Augmented reality is already changing the way we watch concerts. Credit: WEBE Gaming

Attendees get to put their own lives on hold during the 2-4 hour events, as they lose themselves in familiar lyrics and beats - many of which hold personal, sentimental value to fans.

Performances seen through new eyes

However, as it often does, technology’s set to enhance the concert experience.

Smart glasses will eventually provide a number of benefits that fine-tune the thrill of being in the crowd, whether you’re sitting in the bleachers or soaking it in from the front row.

Set lists could be projected in the corner of your eye. You could be that lovable know-it-all who announces the name of every upcoming song with glee after the first note plays.

Smart glasses will allow showrunners to get creative with digital in-show spectacles. Credit: SiliconANGLE

More than just the music

Additionally, the lyrics could be displayed in a sing-a-long fashion. No longer will acoustics muffle the lead singer’s voice.

Furthermore, showrunners will be able to weave visual elements into the show. A dragon could be seen flying around the stadium at an Iron Maiden concern. Or, a projection of Taylor Swift could be seen walking atop the crowd at one of the American singer’s performances.

Add in price projections that hovers above merch and real-time pop-ups detailing interesting facts that explore the inspiration behind hit songs, and you have the only way to experience concerts in the near future.