Could Smart Glasses Make Physical Screens Obsolete?

No need for a TV

Smart Glasses could bring about the end of physical TVs and monitors. By harnessing augmented reality (AR), these devices could suspend 3D objects in a virtual environment.

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What does this mean?

You’ll be able to throw your weightless television screen anywhere you like.

Smart Glasses could make physical TVs and monitors obsolete.
Credit: eTeknix

The AR Revolution

This transition would be great for consumers and the environment. Today’s monitors require a great deal of energy and materials.

Why ditching screens for Smart Glasses would be great:

  • Augmented chef: You could flick that virtual screen into the kitchen when it's time to cook.
  • Netflix and sleep: Stream your favorite Netflix show in bed by projecting your screen on the ceiling. You wouldn’t even bother your partner.
  • The world is your living room: Go on a walk with the game or your favorite show in the background. The latter is already possible, with Netflix available on Vuzix Smart Glasses.
  • Bye-bye computer monitor: Just as TVs would be made obsolete, the same goes for PC monitors. Imagine navigating a virtual screen with your voice and hands.

Imagine placing a virtual screen anywhere you like.
Credit: Vox

The augmented world beckons...

Smart Glasses are expected to replace smartphones in the 2020s. This transition is only natural. Physical screens don’t seamlessly connect us with the virtual world.

Imagine having hands-free control over your TV, computer and phone. Anything you need would be instantly available, in the corner of your eye.

Vuzix Smart Glasses work toward this future.

Some amazing things they can already do:

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