Could Smart Glasses Revolutionize Pro Sports Coaching?

Smarter coaches with Smart Glasses

One day, a championship coach might owe their success to augmented reality (AR). Smart Glasses could allow coaches to instantly broadcast tactical changes into a player’s eyes.

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Strategy adjustments are the difference between winning and losing championships.

Consider an NFL quarterback that sees a weakness in the opponent’s defensive line. He could flip through plays over a digital screen in his helmet.

When satisfied, he could send the play to his teammates. Talk about being on the same page...

Communication between coaches and players would be easier with Smart Glasses
Credit: Boston Sports Journal

Augmented reality and instant strategy changes

No matter your game, AR could improve how coaches communicate with players.

How Smart Glasses could affect sports in the future:

  1. American Football: Perhaps the sport that relies most heavily on strategy, the possibilities are endless. Every play could be broadcast into a player’s field of view. Say goodbye to huddles, there’d be no need for them.
  2. Basketball: As a game draws to a close, the leading coach could activate a ‘hold’ prompt. This would instruct his players to kill time. Matchup adjustments could also be easily communicated. Is there a weak link on the other team? Instantly identify and exploit that player.
  3. Soccer: Players could wear goggles or contact lenses with digital interfaces. If a manager wants a new formation, they could instantly broadcast this change to those on the pitch.
  4. Baseball: Pitchers and catchers would no longer need signals. Be it a fastball, changeup or breaking ball, both could broadcast selections into their teammates eyes.
  5. Hockey: Is the opposing goalie weak on the glove side? Is it time to push for a goal or kill time? 95% of players wear visors. Coaches could use these face shields to provide instructions to those on the ice.

What if managers could instantly broadcast strategy adjustments to players?
Image credit: The Telegraph

The sports world and Smart Glasses

Coaching is a never ending chess match. If one strategy proves successful, an entire sport is affected.

What if a trailblazing coach wins a championship with the help of AR? Walking on the sidelines, viewers might initially be put off by the boss wearing Smart Glasses.

As their team’s performance improves, Smart Glasses and AR tech would become common.

We’ll leave you with some Vuzix Smart Glasses breakthroughs:

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