Could the Insurance Industry be Transformed by Smart Glasses?

Hands-free insurance claims

A new technology can turn a competitor into a market leader in any industry. Smart Glasses have the potential to do this for the insurance world.

Today, insurance agents are forced to perform site audits by taking notes and pictures.

What if they could broadcast entire inspections to colleagues - hands-free?

A major US-based insurance and financial services company is counting on it. Vuzix is set to equip the agents representing a Fortune 100 firm with Vuzix M400 Smart Glasses.

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How can Smart Glasses revolutionize insurance audits?

Live broadcasts

Instead of cataloging information in a report, agents can livestream inspections directly to managers. With 4K cameras embedded in the device, off-site agents can see exactly what their on-site colleagues see. Only one pair of Smart Glasses is required, meaning office staff can monitor things using a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Voice controls

Users can take pictures, call managers, take notes and more using voice commands. This hands-free feature allows Smart Glasses to seamlessly assist in the inspection process - creating no barrier between agents and their duties.

On-the-fly notes

Agents can take voice memos. All that’s needed is an internet connection. This feature ensures that nothing slips an inspector’s mind.

Quicker inspections

Since agents can instantly take notes and pictures, they save all that time previously spent using smartphones and notepads. As a result, agents spend less time on site and agencies can perform more audits than ever before - with increased efficiency.

Insurance agents might have found a new best friend in Smart Glasses, allowing them to perform hands-free site audits.
Image credit: Allstate

The future of on-site inspections

An insurance leader has already ordered $400,000USD worth of Vuzix M400 Smart Glasses.

Rest assured, this announcement wasn’t sudden. The agency spent over 18 months field-testing the technology prior to investing, so many of its agents are already familiar with the benefits of wearable display tech.

Could your next interaction with an insurance agent be filtered through Smart Glasses?

Read the full press release here.

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