COVID Caused a Global Education Gap – Smart Glasses Could Help Fill It

Both Students and Teachers to Benefit from Wearable Displays

School closures over the past year hurt the average student. In an effort to secure public health, healthcare administrators may have inadvertently compromised the next generation’s learning potential.

Lockdowns forced students and teachers into virtual learning portals, depriving learners of some of the benefits that come with in-person lessons.

Children in middle and low-income households have been hurt most, as days spent at school can shield them from the hardships of a troubled homelife. Adding to this problem: not every child has their own room or a quiet place to turn on a computer and study.

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The pandemic forced education administrations to pour billions into remote schooling technology. Tablets, laptops and learning portals were relied on to replace physical classrooms and the benefits therein.

Fast forward a year and a half and education tech has accelerated, begging a fascinating question: Could teachers and students be equipped with Smart Glasses sooner than we thought?

Remote schooling has created an education gap that threatens to leave countless children behind. Could Smart Glasses present an innovative solution?

Why virtual and physical classrooms would be improved by Smart Glasses:

Hands-free help

Instead of placing students in front of a screen, wearable displays would allow them to keep teachers in the corner of their eye. Math problems could be tackled without having to look away from a textbook or monitor.

Learning, personalized

Instead of squinting to see the whiteboard, teachers could broadcast everything they write directly into their student’s field-of-view. Like a desktop or smartphone, learners could customize these layouts, allowing them to take control of their learning experience.

No such thing as “one size fits all” learning

With things returning to normal, don’t expect this ‘innovation era’ to stop. Not only are administrators more tech savvy because of this experience, they’d like to ready the world’s learners for future events that shutter schools and force classes to the household.

Could Smart Glasses ensure no learner gets left behind next time around?

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