Crime Scene Investigations of the Future with Smart Glasses

CSI: Augmented Reality

The world is obsessed with automation. Companies spend billions on technology that improves productivity, reduces the need for manpower and saves time. What if a tool could do just that for crime scene investigators?

In nearly every corner of the enormously popular CSI universe, teams use advanced tech to gather evidence. Augmented reality (AR) is a favored weapon in this arsenal, capable of digitally mapping crime scenes in seconds.

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Luckily for both fans of the hit CBS series and real-life crime scene analysts, Smart Glasses could help turn anyone into Sherlock Holmes.

Turning real-life crime scenes into a video game, Smart Glasses could help authorities catch perps.
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How Smart Glasses could make forensics a breeze

AR could help eliminate unsolved crimes. Smart Glasses could give CSIs a helping hand in the first 48 hours after a murder - and beyond.

How Smart Glasses could one day assist crime scene investigators:

  • Remote Detective

Particularly in large cities, investigators don’t have time to analyze scenes for long. Using video calling software, remote experts could see exactly what on-site investigators are looking at. Is a world-renowned evidence tech forty miles away? No problem, they can assess the scene as if they were there - taking everything in through a camera above their convo partner’s lenses. This technology already exists on Vuzix Smart Glasses.

  • Elementary, AI

No two murders are the same, but most follow a familiar pattern. Eventually, investigators could simply look at a room with their Smart Glasses to help solve a case. Software could scan evidence and build a scenario using algorithms to fill in the holes. The more this technology is used, the quicker past crimes can be used to solve new ones.

  • Instant fingerprints

Forget waiting for a match. Digital fingerprints are already common, meaning Smart Glasses could check databases to end searches instantly. Such a function could save detectives - and victims - valuable time.

  • 3D scenes

Like taking a picture of a scene so you can walk through it later, all evidence could be digitally preserved. Smart Glasses could make these scenes interactive long after they're stripped for evidence, meaning digitally-rendered objects could be manipulated by investigators back at the station.

Smart Glasses like the Vuzix Blade lay digital info over the real world. The possibilities for helping crime scene investigators are endless.
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Fingerprints of the future

In Detroit, less than 15% of homicides are solved. Investigators could benefit from a tool that harnesses the power of the digital world for hands-free use.

Near-future detectives would be foolish to enter crime scenes without the help of augmented reality. As they comb through evidence, their glasses could gather information using AI and machine learning.

Controlled by a user’s voice, Smart Glasses have the potential to greatly improve every CSI member’s performance.

While we wait for CSIs to adopt Smart Glasses, take a look at some of the tech’s latest breakthroughs:

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