Detect COVID-19 Carriers with Facial Recognition on Vuzix Smart Glasses

Ensure the public’s health with Vuzix Smart Glasses

What if businesses could detect symptomatic COVID-19 carriers at the door?

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This could soon be a reality. Vuzix has teamed with leading AI and computer vision tech company TensorMark to equip businesses with facial recognition on smart glasses.

Used in hospitals, event venues and retail outlets, a person’s scan tests results could be displayed in real-time. Users would have to opt-in to this technology.

Vuzix Smart Glasses could soon pull from a database to offer hands-free health checks.
Credit: Auganix

Breaking the second wave

Individuals who give permission will have their scan test results stored in the cloud.

Such capabilities will make life easier for security and healthcare personnel. To protect society against a second wave, these front-line workers must be equipped with the most sophisticated (hands-free) tech possible.

TensorMark is collaborating with over 200 physician offices on this initiative.

Vuzix has teamed with TensorMark to make virus containment easier.
Credit: AiThority

Ending the new normal – faster

Until a vaccine is discovered, the threat of a second wave looms. There’s no telling how long this will take.

Facial recognition on Vuzix Smart Glasses offers a safe, reliable alternative. Once available, businesses can ensure the safety of every patron.

Everyone is affected by the 2020 pandemic and with innovations like this, life won’t just be as good as it was before the coronavirus – it’ll be even better.

For more info, see the press release.

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