DJI Drone App Now Available on Vuzix M4000 Smart Glasses

Ditch the tablet and join your drone in flight

Although it seems like hobbyists at local parks are buying most of the world’s drones, that’s not the case. Most revenue comes from commercial sales, as users including roof inspectors and wedding photographers rely on drones to perform their jobs.

Drones have become a driving force in the modern economy. However, it’s only when combined with another technology-on-the-rise, Smart Glasses, that these unmanned aerial vehicles reach their potential.

The DJI Drone app for Vuzix Smart Glasses gives users hands-free access to their drone’s point-of-view. Now, the leading prosumer drone app is available on Vuzix M4000 Smart Glasses.

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The app lets drone pros and enthusiasts ditch the tablet. With the drone’s feed broadcasting in the Smart Glasses’ HD display, wearers can seamlessly navigate a huge array of aerial operations.

The DJI Drone app is now available on Vuzix M4000 Smart Glasses. No more looking at a tablet to see your drone’s POV!
Image credit: Andy Peacock

Most importantly, the app protects the user, society, and the drone itself. No longer must operators look down at their tablet for navigation - a dangerous act similar to staring at your phone while driving.

A natural technological marriage, the Vuzix DJI app for Smart Glasses offers the following benefits:

Lower production costs

Film sets are integrating drones into their productions with increased regularity. The DJI Drone app offers crisper, more seamless navigation - reducing the amount of re-shoots

Aerial safety

With the drone’s feed in your display, the likelihood of incidents is greatly reduced

Drone fleet protection

Businesses with large fleets will see fewer incidents, saving them both money and time

Overhaul your drone experience with the free DJI Drone app for Vuzix Smart Glasses today, compatible with the following models:

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