Dutch Healthcare Leader Orders Milestone pair of Vuzix Smart Glasses

Protecting the public with remote tech

Different countries respond to the ongoing public health crisis in their own way. In Holland, the Dutch have turned to innovation to combat the problem.

The western European nation equips healthcare workers with Vuzix M400 Smart Glasses. Native medical services company 1 Minuut Innovation leads the effort.

Affected healthcare pros use wearable computing to meet the urgent demands of COVID-19 patients. The latest order pushes the total number of units in operation throughout Holland to over 500.

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Healthcare patients and practitioners benefit from Smart Glasses in the following ways:

Experts At Home

Doctors can remotely treat patients using their smartphone or laptop. On-site personnel can broadcast their first-person view through the Smart Glasses camera.

Social Distancing Mastery

Hands-free remote video communication means less healthcare workers need to be around.

Remote Training

COVID-19 presents a major challenge to healthcare education. As a result, administrators equip instructors with Vuzix Smart Glasses. Students can learn from a real-time first-person POV. They can even ask questions on the fly.

Healthcare workers in the Netherlands increasingly use Vuzix Smart Glasses to Treat Patients.
Image credit: PR Newswire

Healthcare and Smart Glasses

Wearable display technology continues to benefit the lives of healthcare workers and their patients.

In particular, Vuzix Smart Glasses help dentists, doctors, and other medical professionals navigate the new normal.

1 Minuut Innovation is a pioneer in wearable display adoption. Their efforts help to improve healthcare standards on a global scale.

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