Engineers, surveyors, contractors, & more save time, money with Vuzix Smart Glasses

Construction world adapts with augmented reality (AR)

The 2020 pandemic threw a wrench into the European construction industry’s plans. Social distancing protocols have forced everyone involved to change - quickly. Vuzix Smart Glasses have emerged as an affordable, effective resource to help industry leaders navigate the many challenges of the ‘New Normal.’

One such cost-effective example is a new construction surveying process...that’s powered by augmented reality (AR).

It’s the result of a partnership between Vuzix and construction surveying leader Topcon Positioning Systems. Engineers, contractors, architects, and all other jobsite personnel can lay out and measure their environment - hands-free.

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Controlled on the Vuzix Blade through either a trackpad or voice commands, workers can manage tasks using visual aids in their Smart Glasses.

Construction pros can set markers, measure building materials, and perform quality assurance with ease.

Vuzix Smart Glasses allow construction companies to save time and money with augmented reality (AR)
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A game-changer for onsite surveyors, engineers

The technology increases both accuracy and productivity among users. Vuzix Smart Glasses also make construction sites much safer, as physical objects aren’t needed to mark projects.

Hazard-free digital objects do that, instead.

Plus, situational awareness is improved - there’s no need to routinely look down at a tablet.

To summarize, here’s how MAGNET Vision on Vuzix Smart Glasses is improving the European construction industry:

Less crowded job sites

Digital markers replace physical markers. Additionally, experts could remotely walk apprentices through projects from home. Learn how Vuzix is revolutionizing remote training.

Hands-free control

Much like a Virtual Assistant, users can navigate the MAGNET Vision app with voice commands. Both hands are free to get the job done faster, and more efficiently.

Improved on-site safety

Workers no longer need to look down at a tablet, as digital images are projected in their Smart Glasses.

  • Digital markers also eliminate tripping hazards.

To harness the power of AR on your job site, check out MAGNET Vision.

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