Enterprise World Embraces Smart Glasses: Vuzix Improves Mobile Device Management Support for M-Series

New MDM software eases large-scale Smart Glasses rollouts

Companies are beginning to embrace the power of augmented reality (AR). The best way to harness this power is through Smart Glasses. To help firms protect and manage their growing inventory, Vuzix now has the support of leading MDM platforms Microsoft Intune and MobileIron Core.

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This allows enterprise customers to remotely:

  • Deploy network configurations
  • Administer certificates
  • Install applications
  • Lock devices
  • Wipe devices
  • Enforce device passcodes
  • View device inventory details

Vuzix M400 Smart Glasses go global with help from Microsoft Intune and MobileIron.
Credit: UofL News

Bringing Smart Glasses to the world’s largest companies

The support of these platforms is crucial. Vuzix Smart Glasses have started to improve life in many spaces, including:

For Vuzix’s larger customers, MDM is a vital part of the onboarding process. As companies abandon RF guns and smartphones for hands-free Smart Glasses, inventories grow exponentially.

As a result, the ability to remotely define security and management policies for devices, apps and content becomes important.

Fortune 1000 companies increasingly rely on Smart Glasses to improve productivity, speed and efficiency
Credit: VentureBeat

The 2020s and Smart Glasses

These devices are a major investment. MDM platforms secure them, giving owners absolute control.

See Vuzix’ line of AR Smart Glasses

Expect MDM application support to become a larger issue moving forward. Smart Glasses are likely to replace smartphones in both the enterprise and consumer spaces.

They offer seamless access to the benefits offered by mobile devices.

We’ll leave you with some potential uses:

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