Eye Dominance and the Adjustability of Vuzix Smart Glasses

Hands-free use – for everyone

Tech devices that serve only a fraction of the population have limited potential. The best developers understand that not everyone has the same needs and abilities.

Case in point, most wearable displays that can’t be adjusted for both left and right eye dominance.

Consider a technician making a repair in the field. Vital information to perform their job is displayed in the corner of their eye. What if this info was only visible in the technician’s right eye...despite their left eye being dominant?

Why does it matter

Hands-free operations are made easier with optimal hand-eye coordination and help users perform tasks with greater accuracy. This also makes devices comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

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Vuzix M-Series Smart Glasses present users with a solution to this problem.

Nearly 30% of the population’s left eye is dominant, meaning wearable displays that aren’t adjustable can’t be used by nearly one-third of all doctors, engineers, technicians, warehouse workers, and anyone else whose job’s been made easier by hands-free display tech. Imagine being the purchasing officer who just equipped his team with non-Vuzix hardware, only to find out that several workers can’t comfortably use them due to eye dominance?

A simple swap for ‘southpaws’

Vuzix devices are in an elite group. Not all Smart Glasses developers consider alternative ocular dominance when designing AR (augmented reality) displays, but Vuzix caters to every user.

Just as the world is unjustly designed to accommodate right handedness, the tech sector is no different.

Not everyone’s right eye is dominant. To accommodate left-eyed Smart Glasses users, Vuzix products are completely adjustable.

Most smartphones are formatted to be used by right hands. Payment processors at supermarkets are no different, with swipe inserts placed on the right side.

The growing number of professionals that rely on Vuzix Smart Glasses to perform their jobs won’t have to contend with this ergonomic struggle.

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