Fantasy Sports AR to Impact a Growing Industry

Sports Betting to Change with Fantasy Sports AR on Smart Glasses

Some estimates say the sports industry is worth over $1.3 trillion. Its popularity has launched a massive sub-industry that enhances fan engagement. Ultimately, fantasy sports AR on smart glasses will change how we watch the big game.

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By 2025, the fantasy sports industry will be worth $26.4 billion. Today, it’s already changed how fans interact with all major sports.

Countless apps track stats and pit players against one another in a variety of competitive formats. As a result, it’s common for viewers to constantly refer to their phone when watching the game at home or live at the stadium. Additionally, the phone is leaned on to provide updates when no TV is available.

Fantasy Sports AR will bring fans closer to the action
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More Info to Make the Right Move

Fantasy sports apps make every play that much more important. Its ability to gamify the viewing experience has attracted fans to new sports.

In the future, Vuzix smart glasses will allow users to track their fantasy team’s performance without taking their eyes off the field.

Like an EA Sports game, fantasy sports AR will broadcast a heads up display across the user’s eyes.

Networks Already Use Augmented Reality to Display Stats
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Vuzix’s Role in the Augmented Reality Era

When a goal is scored, the impact on the user’s fantasy team would display. A +2 or +3 graphic would hover above your player’s head when they sink a basket.

Smart glasses are set to revolutionize the way we interact with live sporting events, our favorite teams, and players.

Indeed, Vuzix embraces this inevitable change. Already Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses are changing how we work.

As the digital era moves forward, fantasy sports AR is set to improve how we watch the Super Bowl, or the next FIFA World Cup.

As the digital age continues to prove, it’s a matter of when - not if.

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