Find Your Next Favourite Restaurant with Yelp for Smart Glasses

Augmented Reality for Diners: Yelp for Smart Glasses Hits the Vuzix Blade

Ask any couple: deciding where to eat can be a nightmare. Too many options, preferences, and diets to consider. Luckily, Yelp for Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses can help tackle this problem.

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Yelp has helped connect local businesses including diners and restaurant owners to consumers for years. Consequently, the Vuzix team recognizes its influence on dining culture.

With the Vuzix Blade, hungry consumers are able to access the app through AR (augmented reality).

Hungry? Find the Right Spot with Yelp for Smart Glasses

Using AR to Make the Right Decision

The process is simple. First, build up an appetite. Then, open the Yelp app on the Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses to ease dining decision.

Now, walk the street. Using the geo-location in the Yelp Fusion API, users can see a restaurant’s name, overall rating, hours and food images simply by being within close proximity of the dining establishment while wearing the Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses.

In particular, this will be helpful in densely populated areas. Evidently, diners walking the streets of New York and Hong Kong face an intimidating number of options.

The Vuzix Blade
Credit: TechObserver

Vuzix Smart Glasses Make Life Easier

Users can also scroll through reviews and view restaurant images. Indeed, Yelp for smart glasses offers almost everything the mobile app does - handsfree.

Such innovation is at the core of the AR smart glasses movement. Moreover, this innovation forms Vuzix’s backbone.

A leader in smart glass technology, Vuzix has made life easier for professionals in various industries.

Now, we’re doing the same for consumers. Soon, there will be no need to take that phone out of your pocket.

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