First AR Surgery: Smart Glasses Power Knee Replacement Op

Smart Glasses surgery a medical breakthrough

The first-ever knee replacement surgery using AR (augmented reality) tech was performed in June, 2020.

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In collaboration with Pr. Remy Nizard, the operation took place in Paris, France. Vuzix M400 Smart Glasses provided real-time info needed to navigate the procedure.

This marks a major breakthrough for both AR and Smart Glasses.

Hands-free Smart Glasses prove to be valuable tools in any operating room
Credit: PR Newswire

How augmented reality (AR) helps in the O.R.

Essential info was broadcast in the surgeon’s field of view.

Vuzix provided the smart glasses and Pixee Medical to created Knee+, the software powering the operation.

Here’s how it works:

  • Virtual mapping: Like Tony Stark working on his Iron Man suit, a digital map of a patient’s knee is broadcasted before the surgeon’s eyes. Bones, organs and other anatomical components are labeled.
  • Voice control: Since both hands are needed to perform the surgery, speech is used to navigate the Smart Glasses’ software. When one step in the operation is complete, doctors use their voice to move the tech forward.
  • See-what-I-see: Off-site help can monitor the doctor’s point-of-view (POV), providing vital help. This also makes it a perfect training tool.

The first-ever total knee replacement surgery with Smart Glasses happened June 24, 2020

Augmenting a surgeon’s capabilities

Computer-assisted surgeries could become common...much sooner than you think.

With AR, Smart Glasses can make a surgeon’s life much easier, even reducing the number of medical professionals needed in operating rooms.

While the tech doesn’t replace the invaluable surgeons that prolong and improve our lives, it enables them to perform their jobs with more accuracy and speed.

You can read the full news release here.

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