Future Friday: A Healthier Society with Smart Glasses

No need to self-regulate

The global health apps industry will hit $111 billion in value by 2025. Evidently, society is leaning on technology to trim fat and extend our life spans. Apparently, it’s working - globally, the average lifespan continues to climb.

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Smartphone apps play a large part in creating a more knowledgeable society when it comes to nutrition and exercise.

Smartphones make nutrition info easier to access than ever. Smart glasses could make the way we receive such info seamless.
Credit: Dries Buyfaert

Smart watches help accelerate this change, providing consumers a more convenient way to track things like caloric intake per meal and average time spent per mile while running.

Smart glasses, smart society

Over the next decade, smart glasses are expected to replace smartphones as the preferred - and easiest - way to access the digital world.

After all, constantly needing to refer to your phone during a weight room session can throw off your rhythm. Similarly, finding healthier options at the grocery store takes twice as long when shoppers must consult nutrition fact sheets using their phone.

Smart glasses could soon be your personal trainer and nutritionist.
Credit: Village Gym

Smart glasses would allow everyone to seamlessly monitor vital health statistics and receive helpful notifications in real-time. Wondering how long it’ll take to work off a slice of that apple pie? Smart glasses will one day provide a hands-free way to find out.

A healthier society

Ultimately, there is plenty of potential for smart glasses to improve society’s overall health. Especially as digital natives from Gen Z increasingly rely on technology to interact with the world, their ability to use smart glasses to stay healthy is promising.

Smart glasses could one day display the health info of an item on a restaurant’s menu. Live prompts could provide coaching on long-distance runs, so users extract maximum benefits without overextending themselves.

Eventually, AR could turn us all into health experts. Smart glasses could even a playing field that overwhelmingly favors the rich, giving everyone the ability to have a virtual personal trainer and nutrition expert on hand 24/7.

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