Future Friday: AR Makeup to Revolutionize Beauty Industry

AR makeup could make cosmetologists of us all

The global beauty industry is worth $60 billion. Digital technology has given consumers greater access to beauty products and greater choices. Additionally, it provides education on how to apply them. YouTube tutorials cater to any look, while Instagram and Snapchat filters turn imagination into virtual reality. With smart glasses, AR makeup will add another layer of change in the 2020s.

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Where’s the proof, you ask? Since 2018, people watch over 1 million tutorial videos on YouTube every day.

Both casuals and enthusiasts no longer rely mainly on their friends and family for makeup advice. Furthermore, they no longer rely on magazines. With video sharing apps, there is more personalization than ever before.

Forget YouTube tutorials, AR makeup will make sure you look your best
Credit: NewBeauty

Beauty made more accessible, personalized

Viewers have access to countless influencers, each with their own unique take. As a result, subscribers choose tutorials by creators that match their personal style.

With AR makeup, programs can be designed that match a unique look. Instead of using a video for reference, visual cues tell you exactly where to apply that blush.

Smart glasses and AR makeup apps can improve your time in front of the mirror in several ways:

  1. 100% focus: As mentioned, there’d be no need to look at your phone. Stay completely focused on that beautiful face.
  2. Download makeup programs that adapt to every contour of your face. Artificial intelligence means greater personalization than ever before.
  3. Simulate new looks and styles before giving them a shot. You could easily scroll through an endless number of possibilities – all while leaving your phone alone.
  4. Touch-up alerts: set reminders and alarms if makeup is running. Don’t rely on a kind stranger’s word.
  5. Product suggestions: an aspiring cosmetologist (and marketer’s) dream, targeted product recommendations could instantly be broadcast to users.

AR makeup is already changing beauty standards
Credit: Chip Chick

Smart glasses and the future of cosmetics

The beauty industry is set to change with AR makeup. Already, smart glasses are easing both personal and professional life.

From warehouses to your bathroom mirror, the technology is set to improve upon the many ways smartphones ease our lives.

Soon, you’ll have a virtual assistant that knows exactly which colors compliment your many striking features.

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