Future Friday: AR Translation with Smart Glasses could Strengthen United Nations, International Community

AR Translation could strengthen ties between nations

The UN headquarters in New York is considered the heart of global international relations. Delegates from 193 countries work with one another to find solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems. With so many spoken languages in attendance, meetings would benefit from AR translation.

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After all, issues such as war, hunger, famine, equality and security are put under a microscope. These are incredibly meaningful forums. International figures from Barack Obama to David Beckham to Emma Watson have addressed the assembly, working to shed a light on some of humanity’s most pressing challenges.

Speeches are broadcast in the United Nations’ six official languages by interpreters through headphones to all attendees. Evidently, the 75-year-old institution plays a major role in uniting people from all walks of life.

Emma Watson addresses the UN. Could AR translation with smart glasses help her reach a broader audience? Credit: Junkee

Could smart glasses strengthen the international community?

As a result, language interpreters play a major role in the United Nations. However, the organization faces a shortage of qualified personnel to get the job done.

Augmented reality could fill the gap.

AR translation over smart glasses could:

  • Provide subtitles for anyone a delegate is speaking with

  • Eliminate the momentary delays needed for translators to relay info

  • Broadcast videos and info relevant to a speech in the corner of one’s eye

  • Identify anyone’s country of origin, name and position

Believe it or not, the technology is in place. On Vuzix Blade smart glasses, the Zoi Meet app provides AR translation (real-time language transcription) for 12 languages. Essentially, they provide subtitles for everyday conversations.

On a large scale, AR translation with smart glasses could eliminate the need for professional translators at international community gatherings.

Language transcription services are already available on Vuzix Blade smart glasses. Check out this video to see how it works.

The future of international relations

Regardless of a delegate’s country of origin or spoken language, they could easily interact with anyone!

Think of how much time and money could be saved. World leaders and their representatives would no longer have to wait for their translator to process and relay messages between conversation partners.

AR translation could also benefit world travelers. A backpacker from Minnesota could easily navigate the most remote Chinese city with ease.

They say modern technology makes us more connected than ever. AR translation with smart glasses could speed up the process.

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