Future Friday: Augmented Delivery with Smart Glasses

Next-gen couriers

The 2020 pandemic made delivery personnel more valuable than ever before. With augmented reality (AR), Smart Glasses could make them much more efficient.

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In the wake of COVID-19, Amazon hired 175,000 more people. Mail carriers have never been busier, with unprecedented delivery backlogs.

As the world increasingly shops online, delivery professionals need help meeting demand.

Smart Glasses could make over-extended couriers more efficient
Credit: NBC News

How AR could help delivery pros

Although online sales have grown in recent years, the coronavirus forced a major spike. Struggling to cope, delivery services need to innovate.

Some ways hands-free Smart Glasses could change the delivery game:

  1. Hands-free help: No more taking your eyes off the road to find that next address. Non-obstructive directions could be projected into your view.
  2. Voice controls: Be it for navigation, calling a package’s recipient or talking to dispatch, Vuzix Smart Glasses are equipped with Amazon Alexa. All tasks could be performed with one’s voice.
  3. Super sorting: Visual prompts could navigate delivery pros through shipping centers. Entire mailrooms could be mapped, eliminating the need for portable scanners. Loading a truck would be a breeze. Warehouses already use this tech.
  4. Site info: Is there a mean dog behind the Wilkinson’s fence? Has the order in your hands been updated at the last minute? Smart Glasses could broadcast this info in real-time.

Be it for professional or personal use, Smart Glasses could replace smartphones
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Every job improved by Smart Glasses

With no vaccine in sight, the 2020 pandemic could increase our reliance on delivery professionals.

Difficult times breed innovation, and couriers are a natural fit to benefit from Smart Glasses. Hands-free access to the cloud would make your mailperson much faster - and more accurate.

In the augmented age, AR has improved life for doctors, warehousing professionals, security personnel and more.

Could the network bringing online orders to your front door be next?

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