Future Friday: Could Smart Glasses Make Us Better Recyclers?

Global recycling stuck in a landfill

Recycling’s difficult. There’s no sugar coating this reality. Knowing which of six(!) bins to place your to-go container presents a challenge for urbanites.

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Granted, many businesses, recycling depots and property management companies post detailed infographics to ease the process.

However, they don’t seem to work. According to a recent study, over 90% of plastic isn’t recycled. Meanwhile, nearly 80% of all recycled materials aren’t actually turned into usable items.

Innovators are already experimenting with augmented recycling software. Credit: ChrisD

The challenge facing global recycling schemes

There are many reasons for this. Most notably, the recycling process takes time - and isn’t cheap. Elite curbside recycling programs cost between $50-$150 per ton.

The need to sort through recycled materials is a gargantuan effort. Whether it’s automated or done by hand, the process isn’t entirely sustainable.

As a result, there’s an incentive to improve recycling strategies. A great place to start is making it easier on consumers to place materials in their appropriate bin.

Globally, most recycled items end up in landfills. Credit: Real Simple

Smart glasses, smarter societies

As always, technology offers a solution. Smart glasses could turn the process into a game. The lenses could scan the bins in front of you - along with the item in your hand.

It could then tell you which bin to place the item.

Who’s up for a game of Recyclathon? Whoever recycles the most items in 5 minutes wins!

Smart glasses could gamify the recycling process. At the same time, they could improve global sustainability programs.

Do you think smart glasses and augmented reality could help create a more sustainable future?

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