Future Friday: Dating with Augmented Reality Smart Glasses

Could Smart Glasses Help you Find the One?

Who doesn’t love love? Regardless of nationality or creed, humans are programmed to intimately connect with a special someone.

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As a result, the multi-billion dollar online dating industry has emerged - and thrived. To the surprise of many, algorithms have successfully paired countless star-crossed lovers. The industry is now worth upwards of $3 billion.

Smart Glasses like the Vuzix Blade could one day tell you if someone’s interested . Credit: Vuzix and Tom’s Guide

Technology as a Matchmaker

Evidently, modern technology is a proven matchmaker...depending on who you ask. Granted, apps like Tinder, Bumble and Hinge offer no guarantee of finding love.

However, smart glasses could offer a degree of clarity to the murky waters of ‘finding the one.’ They could provide valuable insight far beyond visual cues and the advice offered by so-called ‘dating experts.’

Smart glasses could one day use facial recognition to identify people in bars or other social areas. This way, we could run social media checks on potential partners before making the first move.

Nevertheless, there are no greater ‘tells’ than those offered by biology. When a person falls in love, or interacts with someone they like, they undergo a chemical process as old as time.

Smart glasses could one day be as valuable as a visual cue. Credit: Mercari

It’s All About Chemistry

Eventually, smart glasses will let us detect and observe these processes. They could make the wearer aware of increased dopamine and oxytocin levels in a potential mate.

Blood pressure and heart rate statistics could be broadcasted in the corner of one’s eye, explicitly stating if extending an invitation for “coffee sometime” is appropriate.

Initially, wrist monitors would be needed to provide this info. Furthermore, the legislation would require both parties to opt-in to whichever programs offer these services.

Nevertheless, smart glasses technology could really take the edge off for those looking to meet someone.

A Disclaimer Note from the Author: On Fridays we often let our imagination run wild at Vuzix. With our ‘Future Friday’ segment, we explore the endless possibilities offered by smart glasses. We encourage you to provide your feedback as your input will help us make these dreams a reality.

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