Future Friday: Farming AR to Revolutionize Agriculture

Rural Areas to Benefit Greatly from Farming AR

Between 1950 and 1960, global agriculture changed. Technology allowed us to grow food faster than ever before. Evidently, another Green Revolution comes in the form of farming AR.

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The benefits offered to farmers by smart glasses are many. Consequently, every farming operation will become quicker and more efficient.

Additionally, they will become safer. Be it crops, cattle, or livestock, a farmer’s life is about to become much easier.

From Cattle to Crops, Farming AR Glasses will Change the Industry . Credit Livestock Management

Learning What’s Safe to Eat with a Glance

Granted, everyday tasks won’t change. However, farmers will be able to perform them hands-free.

With smart glasses, farmers can find out if a plot of arable land gets enough water to grow a specific crop. Similarly, certain areas can be highlighted for monitoring purposes. Smart glasses use GPS and sensor technology to extract this info.

Moreover, farmers can scan vegetables to learn if they meet national and international standards. Simply put: one look confirms if a carrot will soon be safe to eat.

Vuzix Smart Glasses Will Offer Farms a Range of Benefits. Credit: Israel21c

Vuzix Offers a Safer, More Efficient Future

Additionally, a look at that same carrot lets a farmer know about nitrate levels in the soil.

Obviously, the uses and applications don’t end there. Evidently, the potential is enormous. Farming AR is set to usher in a modern Green Revolution.

Furthermore, Vuzix strives to equip professionals across all industries with smart glass technology.

After all, the digital revolution isn’t restricted to the fields.

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